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I completed my first triathlon in 2016 and was immediately hooked. I find the technical side of swim, bike and run fascinating so it wasn't long before I started coaching. I mostly race sprint and standard distances, although I have 3 London Marathons under my belt and I'm a proud owner of the London Classics medal so I understand endurance too.


I race for fun now, so I'm usually going racing with a group of mates to see who can claim bragging rights, or finding the next beautiful location to race in. I'm all about enjoying the race experience, but you'll also find me at Eton Dorney at least once a year, chasing that PB... 

I'm honest and kind, so I'll always tell you the truth but I'll do it gently and in a supportive way. I'm a problem solver and I love a bit of data - I like to be able to track progress. I drink a lot of tea, I am easily distracted by a cute dog, and I believe that every long bike ride should involve a stop for good cake. 


I work with athletes who are pushing themselves to that next level. Whether you are stepping up to the next distance, or qualifying in your age group, or you've qualified and now you're ready to win your Worlds or Europeans, I can help.

My athletes often have hectic lives, busy jobs, family commitments, injuries and stress. They also want to be able to race, to prove that they can get fitter and faster, and that they can chase down that new PB. I can help you to balance life and training so that it's enjoyable and you can still smash those goals even if you don't have a lot of time to train. 


I also work with athletes who have a complicated medical or injury profile, balancing your needs and creating bespoke plans to suit your own specific requirements. 

I have a great deal of experience of working with athletes with diabetes, particularly the Diabetes UK London Marathon team. If you're an athlete with diabetes, I understand your unique challenges and can help you to train smarter. 


In a nutshell, it's train smarter not harder. That's why we're called Smarter Tri. I work with the whole person to make smarter choices to deliver great results for each individual athlete. 

I use five key focus areas when working with my athletes: 

  1. Quality training 

  2. Mindset 

  3. Nutrition 

  4. Rest and recovery 

  5. Strength, flexibility and mobility. 

Each athlete needs different types of help and levels of support in different areas, so everything is tailored to suit you. There is no one-size-fits-all here. ​My aim is to help build your strengths and minimise your weaknesses in each of these areas to help you to racing awesomeness. We work together to make smart decisions on how to best use the time you have available. 


I focus on good technique and efficiency in everything so that the power you are putting out is giving you the greatest possible return, and so that your body is working as it should to avoid injuries and keep you doing what you love. 

I work collaboratively with my athletes to find what is best for you. If you're looking for someone just to tell you what to do, or if you want someone to boss you around, you'll need to find a different coach. I want to understand your experience of training and what's going on with you. I ask a lot of questions that will make you really think. I'll help you find the answers too - we work together to make this happen. 

I aim to empower my athletes so that when it comes to training and racing they can listen to their own body and make good decisions based on the knowledge and information they have. I'm here to guide you and support you.  



  • Head Coach at Dacorum Tri Club (2021 - present) 

  • BTF Tutor (2023 - present) 

  • London Marathon Team Ambassador for Diabetes UK (2019 - present) 

  • Race Director at Hemel Hempstead Triathlon (2021 - present) 


  • British Triathlon Federation Level 3 High Performing Coach 

  • Ironman Certified Coach 

  • Diploma in Nutrition 

  • British Triathlon Federation Strength and conditioning certification 

  • National rescue award for Swimming teachers and coaches 

  • Level 2 certification in Diabetes and diabetes care management

  • Training Peaks Level 2 coach

  • UKAD Clean sport certification 

  • Safeguarding adults and children certification 

  • CIMPSA registered


Monthly one to one coaching is available for both local and online athletes. 

Face to face sessions are available in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Rickmansworth, Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas.

One-off sessions may be available outside of these areas by request only. 



If you're ready to take your training to the next level and be fully supported, I can help with that. 

This is bespoke training with Jo herself looking after all of your training needs. 


Have a browse of the many and varied one-off sessions that are available. These are all lead by Jo, and are designed to give you focused attention so that you can improve as much as possible. Swim, bike, run, nutrition, mindset, and many others. 


If you're not sure, why don't we meet for a coffee and a chat? We can talk through your goals and see how I can help you. It's always nice to meet someone first so that we can make sure that we are a good match, and then we can take it from there.

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