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If you're ready to take your training to the next level and be fully supported, I can help with that. I work collaboratively with my athletes. This is a partnership to help you be as fit, fast and strong as possible. 

We've all picked up a few injuries or niggles along the way (and if not, well done you!), and a lot of us have hectic lives balancing work, family and training. Your one to one coaching will help you to be the best athlete you can be. We personalise everything to suit you so that it fits with your specific needs for the best possible results. And if life does happen, we adjust and adapt your plan to get the best possible results even if time is limited.

So, what's in the package? 

  • A bespoke training plan designed for your personal needs 

  • The plan is delivered via Training Peaks 

  • Daily WhatsApp support - if you need me, I'm there

  • Monthly 60 minute face to face or zoom catch up 

  • Data review and feedback twice per week 

  • Strength and conditioning programming

  • Swim, bike and run assessments every 6 months*

  • 15% discount on all other services including one-off sessions, group sessions, courses and training camps

  • Early bird booking option for all sessions and camps - you get to secure your spot before anyone else. 

You also get: 

  • Unlimited adjustments to your plan 

  • Our amazing goal setting sessions to help you focus on on what you really need to do 

  • Help to identify your target races (and which races will suit you best) 

  • Race pace calculations so that you know exactly what you need to do on each discipline 

  • Race preparation work, including a course review and race strategy planning 

  • An end of season review 

  • Nutrition support 

  • Additional support to suit your personal needs 

£150 per month (minimum 3 months) Plus a £50 one off onboarding fee

* excludes video analysis. These are paper-based, visual assessments. 

I only offer one package. It's all or nothing with me, because I want to know that my athletes are getting everything they need and covering all aspects of being an athlete. I hate seeing athletes struggle to succeed because they're only focusing on swim, bike or run and missing all of the other important stuff. If you're not looking for the full package, then I can help you with a custom training plan, or one-off sessions may be for you. 


What happens next?

I'll be in touch to arrange a first meeting. We'll either met face to face or on zoom for a cup of tea and a chat so we can find out more about each other and make sure that we are the right fit. If we're both happy, we'll start onboarding you straight away so you could have you first training sessions planned and ready to go in as little as a week. 

Still not sure? 

You can book a 30 min free phone or zoom consultation to meet me and ask any questions you have about how all of this works. 

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