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Mindset work is important for every athlete, and who better to learn from than the elites and the experts? I only recommend books that I've read and found to be genuinely helpful so you can try any of these with confidence.

If you click the amazon link it'll take you straight to the book so you can get it yourself in your favourite format, which is nice. I also get a tiny fee from Amazon, so that's nice too.

The Gladiator Mindset - Adam Peaty

Think like Britain's greatest living Olympian: 10 steps to push your limits and achieve the impossible from the one of the world's greatest swimmers.

This book goes into great detail to help you to refine and focus your athlete mindset for both training and racing, as well as how to leave the athlete at the door when you get home to help you maintain balance in your life.

Relentless - Alistair Brownlee

In his quest to define ‘sporting greatness’, double Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee has spent nearly four years interviewing and training with some of the greatest minds in sport to discover what it takes to become - and remain - a champion. This book is great at giving you an insight into the mindset of a range of different champions so you're bound to find something to inspire you to develop and build your own mindset skills.

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